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Best karaoke show in dallas best karaoke bars in dallas

Today as im driving on my way back in from houston to dallas and thinking about my karaoke show at austin avenue in richardson, im asking myself this question:

Does mykaraokedj.com really have the best karaoke shows in dallas and surrounding areas? I cant help but answer yes to this question. My karaoke show at austin avenue is almost at the 5 year anniversary mark. Every week there is a line around the building starting at 10pm. People are paying $5 and sometimes $20 to get in and skip the line. My following is loyal. Im so thankful for this. Not only that, but my partner djbmw is up in plano at the 18th hole and his show is starting off with a bang. Then there is my sidekick djdream over at yucatan beach club in coppell. Oh what a hot karaoke show that is promising to be already and its only his second week there. I just found out today that we will now be doing karaoke at yucatan beach club on thursdays, fridays, and saturdays in coppell. Then there is dj2klean who just started doing hibachi rock up in allen on saturdays now because he has done such a good job for them on fridays with karaoke. So im convinced that mykaraokedj.com and bmw entertainment with the likes of djflex, djbmw, djdex, djkc, djlow, djdream, djsoul, djbsmoove, dj2klean and soon to be joining the ranks dj marky mark, really are bringing you the best damn karaoke shows and bars in dallas and the surrounding areas. When youre looking for karaoke in dallas texas, you have certainly come to the right place for karaoke entertainment. Oh and did i mention we have everything in our karaoke library and more gets added every month. Take a look at our karaoke music library page.

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