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Woke up this morning at 4am, and this is what was on my mind. Karaoke! I really love to sing and entertain which is why I started mykaraokedj.com in the first place. Later on in life I developed a passion for Web Development and the internet. This is how of course I ended up developing a blog site. I guess you can say the two go hand in hand.

Today I’m simply trying to ask myself: “How can I make mykaraokedj.com the number one site for individuals wishing to perform Karaoke here in Dallas?”. I think I’ve figured it out but I won’t tell my secret. 😉

But anytime a user types in any of these keywords: “Karaoke Dallas, Best Karaoke In Dallas, DJFlex Karaoke, Azure Karaoke , Addison Karaoke, Richardson, Plano Karaoke, Karaoke In Ft. Worth, Karaoke In Allen, Brasons with DJDream, Hibachi Rock, Sherlocks Karaoke, Best Karaoke In Richardson, Draft Picks Sports Bar and Karaoke”… you get the picture. I want us to come up as number 1 in the results. I can share that much with you. The rest is yet to be seen.

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