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Karaoke Saturday’s At Austin Avenue In Richardson with DJFlex are phenomenal. This show has been running for 5 years straight and is considered the BEST KARAOKE SHOWS IN THE UNITED STATES. That’s right, nearly 800 people show up EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT about 10pm and a line forms around the building into 1am. This show is HIP-HOP & R & B as far as the Music Videos being played by the DJ (DJFLEX) as well as all of the LINE-DANCES. (see Videos in the Navigation if you’d like to learn all of the line dances PRIOR to showing up on Saturday Nights. DJFlex has branded his show with his special format for Line dance Videos and mixes.So if you’re looking for great Karaoke, or want to Dance until you Drop. Please be sure to visit Austin Avenue II In Richardson located at 1801 North Plano Road, Richardson, Tx 75081. By they way we’re also there on Friday Nights with DJ Dex from 10pm-2am as well. See you there, and be sure to GET THERE EARLY, or you may not be able to find a seat. Reservations are being taken now. Please call them at 972-907-8003 FOR RESERVATIONS TODAY!

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