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Do You Love Karaoke enough to do it every night?



I have been singing karaoke since I was about 16 years old. My first introduction to it was at a friends house back in the mid 80’s. Once I realized that the words would be there, i began to work on things like tone, pitch etc. Before I knew it, I was frequenting every karaoke bar in town 7 nights a week. I would enter karaoke contests all over Dallas and Ft. Worth, and many times I won them. Then one day it dawned on me that I could buy my own karaoke machine and then i could host my own parties. Shortly after that, i began to look at it from a business perpective, and the rest became history. Today mykaraokedj.com, and it’s partners are hosting karaoke shows at most of the major sports bars/night clubs here in the metroplex. We have karaoke shows in Richardson, Carrollton, Rockwall, Allen, and Lewisville. DJBMW has his very own Smoking Racks BBQ and Karaoke Restaurant in Plano. Austin Avenue in Richardson has Karaoke with DJFlex and DJDEX every friday and Saturday for well over 5 years now. DJDream runs karaoke shows in Carrollton, Lewisville, and Rockwall, just to name a few. Our other karaoke DJS have shows as well that you can see on our website’s main page. So join us today, and get your sing on. Try a different karaoke venue nightly and follow us online. If you go 7 nights in a row, at any of the karaoke venues listed on our site, write us back and let us know about your karaoke experience.

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