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What Is Your Favortite Karaoke Genre To Sing?


I have been singing Karaoke here in Dallas for over 2 decades and I have to say i still don’t know what genre of karaoke is my favorite to sing. I think it really depends on your mood at the time. Doing the Karaoke Show at Austin Avenue in Richardson every Saturday, has got me doing a lot of HIip-Hop & R&B or Rap, but that’s b/c this is the format for that show. However, I also love to sing Alternative, Country, Rock, or Pop, as well. Many times I will venture to other karaoke shows in Dallas just to sing a different format that Saturday Nights. i guess if I just absolutely had to choose though, I’d probably say Hip-Hop R&B would be my genre to sing. I think i’m somewhere around 250 songs that I can do from all the genres of karaoke available. What about you?

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  1. Steve

    I 100% agree on the genre depending on the place and my mood.

    When I lived in South Florida I sang the gamut from 50’s music, rock, country and even some pop. Since I have been in Texas (here since 2004) I have found that most of the places I get out to are more country leaning and that’s what I find myself singing mostly. I still bust out a Billy or Elton tune on occasion, but country seems to fit.

    Of course the places I get out to (I get out very rarely) tend to be local, early type places, sports bars etc and I almost never get out to uptown or late-night spots so all styles of club probably exist…..I just don’t see them.

    1. mykaraokedj (Post author)

      South Florida? Now that sounds like where I need to be right about now. Steve, what you say is so true though and it makes sense living here in Texas that you would find more venues that lean country over any other genre. Elton is classic. I do a great rendition of Candle In The Wind, one if his most popular. Hopefully I can catch you out sometime and who knows, maybe there is a country duo that you and I can collaborate on. I sometimes go to Bleachers in Garland (can’t remember if it’s tuesdays or wednesdays). There is a ton of country singers there. 50’s also. It’s a dive bar, but very fun.

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