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Karaoke & Margaritas Make A Cozy Couple!

karaoke-mouse_establishedWell it’s summer time here in Texas, and time to get out to your favorite karaoke bar and order a margarita (or whatever ice cold beverage wets your whistle). Mykaraokedj.com hosts shows at many bars during the week and many of them typically offer some sort of drink special or promotion during the show. One of my favorite places is Frankie’s Sports Bar and Grill in Lewisville with DJDREAM on Tuesday nights. Dream has been with Frankies for about 3 years now and i must say they have awesome Margaritas. I typically drink beer, but this past week I ordered one of their top shelf margaritas during the show and I must say, it was very tasty. What’s your beverage of choice?

Posted by DJFlex

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