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karaoke_contest_icon If you see this icon next to a bar/location on our “Weekly Shows” page, it means that this Vendor Participates in our Contests.

  1. All contestants must be at least 21 years of age.No exceptions.
  2. Every contestant must sing a song from the DJ’s song list (which includes thousands of titles).To view the list of available songs, visit Our Music Libray Page.
  3. When a contestant’s name is called to the stage to perform, he/she must be present and available to sing immediately.The DJ will announce the next contestant’s name only 3 times.If the contestant has not reported to the stage after 3 announcements, then he/she will be disqualified.
  4. While performing, contestants must follow the words as they appear on the karaoke screen.No freestyle or rap allowed.
  5. Each contestant must use the equipment provided by the DJ only.No outside props or equipment is permitted.
  6. Although duos/duets are permitted, no more than 2 individuals may perform together.A duo/duet counts as one contestant; therefore any prize received will be provided to both together, not individually.Duos must determine how to split the prize as this is not the responsibility of the DJ or establishment’s management.
  7. Any contestant interrupted or prevented from completing a performance due to equipment malfunction not caused by the contestant has the option to repeat and complete his/her performance.
    1. Examples of equipment malfunctions: feedback, loss of sound from microphone, skipping of disk.
    2. Examples of malfunctions that do not permit contestant to repeat performance: contestant bumping into equipment, accidentally turning off the microphone while performing, contestant falling.
  8. If there is any evidence (subjective or objective) of a malfunction in equipment caused by a contestant, that contestant may be disqualified.Likewise, if there is any evidence of sabotage of any degree against another contestant, the person committing the sabotage may be disqualified or removed from the establishment.
  9. Contestants who are unable to perform reasonably due to intoxication will not be permitted to begin or complete performance and will be disqualified.
  10. Any contestant who behaves in a disorderly manner, insults or starts a confrontation with any audience member, other contestant, any member of the establishment’s staff or DJ will be disqualified.
  11. Each contestant at must register by signing the registration sheet held by the DJ at the event.No one will be allowed to compete unless they have signed in with the DJ.
  12. The DJ reserves the right to declare the maximum amount of contestants and close registration at any point in the night.
  13. To compete contestants must provide a valid email address that is their own (Contestants may not provide email addresses of friend, co-workers, etc.) to be kept on file with BMW Entertainment and/or mykaraokedj.com.
  14. All contestants must arrive at the establishment, check-in with the Karaoke DJ no later than the time listed by the DJ on the night of the event.
  15. Contestants names will be placed in a container and then drawn by the DJ to determine the order in which contestants will perform.
  16. Each contest will have designated secret judges (not the crowd) chosen by the Karaoke DJ hosting the event.Judge positions may not be filled by the owner of the contest location’s establishment, any of that establishment’s employees, or the Karaoke DJ hosting the event.Relatives or friends of any contestants/finalists may not act as judges, either.
  17. Contestants are judged based on the following system:
    1. 3 judges score each contestant’s performance considering the following qualities:
      Singing Ability, Stage Presence and Audience Reaction (applause)
    2. Judges’ scores range from 1 to 10. 1 point serves as the lowest score, and 10 points serves as the highest.
    3. The judges overall scores will be combined and totaled for each contestant.A perfect score is 10. The lowest score a contestant can receive is 3.
  18. In the event of a tie the 2 or more involved in the tie will have their names placed in a container.The DJ will draw the names from the container, and the contestants will perform in the order in which their names were drawn.Each contestant will have 5 minutes to choose a song from the DJ’s song list/music library different from the one they already performed in the event.
  19. Rules and details regarding prizes for each contest will be posted online and/or explained to contestants verbally by the DJ running the event.Rules and prizes may also be provided in writing at the event.
  20. BMW Entertainment and/or mykaraokedj.com have the right to modify the above rules at any time.


1. How to I enter a Event?

Contestants enter the contest the night of the event by registering with the Karaoke DJ when they arrive.Obviously, it’s a good idea to arrive early at the location the night of the event if you want to compete.

2. Do we sing in the order we sign up?

No.The DJ will put all of the contestants’ names in a container.When the contest begins, around 12am, the DJ will draw a name, and that person will be up first.After that contestant finishes his or her performance, the DJ will draw the second name.This will continue until all contestants have completed their songs.

3. What if I get there too late to make the registration for an Event?

Come back the following month, and try to get to the location early to compete.

4. What if I want to sing a song that is not on the DJ’s song list/music library?

If you want to sing something that is not included in the DJ’s music library, then you must provide that song in karaoke format to the DJ.If the DJ can incorporate your selection into his/her database, then you can perform the song you provided.It’s a good idea to contact the DJ about this before the contest.You can email your request or concern to a DJ at customerservice@mykaraokedj.com

6. Can I compete in events at different locations?

Yes! You can compete in as many Events as you want, at any participating location.

7. I know what rap is, but I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “freestyle.” Can you explain that one please?

Freestyle happens when people make up their own words in place of those on the screen.Singers who curse or go way off course from the song are “freestyling” and can be disqualified.This is not to be confused with a singer adding her own flair to the piece, which some of our talented regulars do from time to time.Holding notes, engaging the audience, adding a crescendo or two here and there can make a song more interesting.A singer can be entertaining and make a song her own without resorting to freestyle.


  1. Bring lots of friends! It’s a great idea to bring your own fans to make some noise for you! Judges consider Audience Reaction in their scoring, so your friends and fans can help you there!
  2. Let your friends know they need to stay for the entire contest.The winners are determined at the end of the night by the applause they receive from the audience.If your fans leave before the contest ends, your applause will be affected negatively and your chances of winning reduced.The contest will end around 1am.
  3. Compete at various locations that participate in our contests.You increase your chance to win more prizes!
  4. Be sure you explain the rules to your friends and fans.It’s important that they are supportive of you without disrupting the performance of other competitors.We are committed to supporting a fair and friendly competition, and if anyone in your group jeopardizes or interferes with that process, you may be disqualified and your friends may be required to leave the premises.Let’s keep it fun and fair.

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